Thursday, January 08, 2009

09Mar1864, Jowett's Greek Professorship

HAGLEY, Wednesday, March 9th, 1864.
—Uncle Stephen went to Oxford yesterday, to vote in favour of Jowett's Greek Professorship having its salary raised, as has been done with all the others. His heresies not affecting his Greek teaching, this seems only fair ; but multitudes of furious clergy, frightened by the Privy Council judgment, posted up to oppose the measure, and it was negatived by a majority of 72 out of nearly 900. All Jowett's admirers, and all undecided and neutral men, will now think of him as a martyr. Of all pities, to pin such a grievance on him as this, when he confessedly throws his whole heart into his professorship and is now only paid £40. It does seem spiteful and blind. Surely truth can prevail against error though a heretic receives a sufficient salary for teaching Greek !

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