Friday, January 09, 2009

18Mar1864, Mrs. Gladstone Very Busy

LONDON, Friday, March 18th, 1864.
—Found Atie. P. out, and heard that she is more overwhelmed with hard work than ever, as she attends certain meetings at London House where the Bp. assembles ladies to associate them in different acts of charity : an admirable thing, but Atie. P. has undertaken to visit a hospital in S. George's in the E., besides 3 other things. And how is she to do that, and all her own innumerable kind deeds, and her season and societyums, and be deep in politics, and be everything to Uncle W.—all at once ? She looks terribly fagged already. So does he, having been badgered in the House in re his excellent Government Annuities speech.

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