Friday, January 09, 2009

09Apr1864, Viewing Herbert's Painting with Lord F.

LONDON, Saturday, April 9th, 1864.
Atie. P. whisked off to the H. of Charity, then to be photographed ; and after luncheon, to which came Ld. Frederic and Ld. Richard Cavendish, and Uncle Henry, she went with Ld. F. and me to see a fine fresco of Moses showing the Tables of the Law, which Herbert is painting in one of the chambers of the Houses of Parliament. I conjecture humbly that its faults are, some monotony of expression and attitude, and something feeble in the drapery ; but the grouping and colouring are beautiful, I think ; also Moses' face, and the soft hot light and shade wonderful. I went to tea at the Stanleys of Alderley ; pleasant enough. Very pleasant party at Ld. Palmerston's.

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