Wednesday, May 03, 2006

26May1859, The Old Race of French Kings

LONDON, May 26th, 1859.
—'Tis 1 a.m. after a most delightful party here, of which I must at once tell the great event. I was introduced to the Duc d'Aumale, the descendant of the old race of French kings. Low was my curtsey, most gracious was his bow, and oh ! he spoke to me, and I said, " Oui, monsieur ! " I thrilled. We also saw the nice Escrick Grahams, Warrens, Wilbrahams, and all the usual people, and I was introduced to Lord Clarendon, Lady Manchester, crazy Lord Crewe, Ly. Constance Grosvenor, Duchess of Sutherland, etc., etc. There were there besides Lord Palmerston, Dean Trench, who is going to send us tickets for Handel at the Abbey next month — Bliss ! - many ambassadors and Indians, Ld. J. Manners, etc., etc.

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