Wednesday, May 03, 2006

04Jun1859, A Day at Eton

ETON, June 4th, 1859.
—Our first 4th of June at Eton ; we must have brought ill luck, for it poured heavily, after great morning heat, and a grumble or two of thunder, from 7 to 9, just the time when the boats were afloat. We saw them start, with their bright uniforms, very successfully, but shortly after had to take shelter in a little room, where we resignedly sat, with Mr. Wynne and his sisters, Reg. Yorke and Mr. Cocks, relation of the Antony one. We talked pleasantly, and the time didn't hang heavy. But the unhappy boats' crews had to walk home from Surley. There is horrid drunkenness in the boats now, the Captain (Wynne) says his greatest difficulty is to keep them sober. I'm so glad our boys are dry-bobs, in spite of the delightful look of the arrowy boats and brilliant dresses, only I trust cricket will look up under Charles's captaincy, and not be everlastingly beaten by Harrow. We had luncheon with the Provost, and I was taken in by Mr. Walpole (Ed: No doubt Spencer Walpole, afterwards Home Secretary.), —such an honour! —who was most agreeable.

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