Wednesday, May 03, 2006

11Jun1859, Presented at Court

LONDON, June 11th, 1859.
—A very memorable day, with a strange, abrupt contrast between the morning and evening. We were presented at 2 o'clock ; and after all the frightful bathing-feel and awestruck anticipation, behold ! it was a moment of great happiness to me. The look of interest and kindliness in the dear little Queen's face, her bend forward, and the way she gave her hand to me to be kissed, filled me with pleasure that I can't describe, and that I wasn't prepared for. She said to Auntie Pussy : " You have brought yr nieces to me," with great feeling : oh, so touching of her ! for no doubt she was thinking of our having no Mamma to bring us. And to Aunt Coque: "I am so glad to see them: tell your Mother how nice they looked." I feel as if I could do anything for her !

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