Wednesday, May 03, 2006

03Jun1859, Lady Derby's Ball

LONDON, June 3rd, 1859.
—1/4 4 a.m. ! and this is written, ill or well, by the light of dawn : mad and dissipated I feel. We have been to Ly. Derby's ball, which, truth to tell, was very dull : hot crowds of chaperons and old gentlemen, and the dancing a fierce struggle with all-surrounding petticoat, and I only danced once, at about 2, with Johnny, who turned up when I had quite given up. This was pleasant, for the room was thinned, and we had the space of a hearthrug. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were there, and Princess Mary (ed: Afterwards Duchess of Teck and mother of Queen Mary), who, in spite of her imposing size, danced and valsed beautifully.

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