Wednesday, May 03, 2006

06Jun1859, A Pleasant Home Ball

LONDON, June 6th, 1859.
—A little past two, after the pleasantest home ball, that's to say dance, for it was carefully distinguished from a ball by its smallness, absence of champagne, and substitution of modest p.f. and harp for band. Moreover, it came after a child's ball, where the little things toddled about so prettily, and which was honoured with the presence of the young Prince de Conde, a gentle, grave, and most courteous boy of fourteen, with whom I danced twice, " Altesse Royale " and all. His mother, the Duchesse d'Aumale, was there too, and was introduced to us. I danced everything but one, valses of course excepted, but I can only remember 5 partners. I think I must have danced more than that. R. Yorke, Mr. Majendie (of happy Oxford memory), Mr. Burgess, Mr. Le Fevre, and Lord Sudeley ; they were all more or less pleasant ; Ld. S. knew Charles at Eton. All day we were up to the neck in the work of titivating the rooms, which indeed looked lovely. Warm and thundery. There has been a battle of Magenta, the Austrians completely defeated, and Paris illuminated.

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