Tuesday, April 04, 2006

25May1859, Henry V and London News

LONDON, May 25th, 1859.
—Midnight : going to bed after " Henry V " at the Princess's. It's strange the strong charm a play acted has for me, viewing that I dislike more or less all the acting, which seems to me invariably " outrĂ©," unnatural and vulgar. But oh, dear ! the scenery and some feeling which makes it almost seem real, and brings the olden time before one. Before this, we went to a very pretty amateur concert at Ly. Barrington's and toodled about Covent Garden etc., with Atie P. Black Miss Brown and a maukin called in the morning. There has been a battle at Montebello, the Austrians beaten, it is said with great loss. The Duchess of Kent is ill. Princess Royal is visiting the Queen. 6th of the 10 babies born : Mrs. Bradley's. My poor old Preece is dead ; I shall never read to him again ! But please God, I shall see him again ; and he me, with opened eyes there, in the Light that sorrow can never dim.

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