Saturday, January 01, 2011

15Nov1875, Everything Vanishes Away

CHATSWORTH, November 151h-21st, 1875.
—Found the Cokes, Sir J. Lacaita, B., [FN: I.e. Beatrice Lascelles, sister of Lady Edward Cavendish, and afterwards wife of Archbishop Temple.] the Howards. In the course of the week came Ld. Laverton, Mr. Doyle, Mr. Henry Cowper. Emma, B., Di, and I read Dante with Lacaita, and I began at 6 "David Copperfield" in Aunt Fanny's room. Poor Ly. Laverton bad at Buxton with rheumatism. As people arrive, and the long dinners and smart clothes begin again, my heart grows heavy with thoughts of May, who came here just this time last year, full of her last happy Keble visit; and of dear Uncle Richard, whom this place always brings back to my mind. The changes and losses seem to thicken round one, and there is something strangely sad and pathetic in the sort of diligent way one closes up the ranks and goes on and on with the old ways, as if here we had an "abiding city"; while all the time we hear the clear voices within telling us that everything vanishes away.

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