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23Jan1876, Wonders About Wine and Childbirth

HOLKER, January 23rd-30th, 1876.
Eddies went to Althorp, Wednesday. I have Victor in their absence after Prayers for a little Catechism etc., and to say over any difficult lesson before he goes with Wm. and Fritz to Mr. Perowne, their odd little old-fashioned tutor. Victor is the most docile and painstaking and accurate little fellow I ever came across; I should think likely to turn out exactly like the Duke in character (tho' he does not yet show signs of as much ability). This is a real blessing with the increasing probability of his being the heir of all the enormous responsibilities, poor boy.

Another tragedy. The death of Lady Anne Buller, née Coke, in her 2nd confinement; only 30 years old. I wish doctors would investigate the causes of the terrible delicacy of "upper 10,000" women in childbirth: my own small list of experience makes me wonder if wine-drinking, which I don't think used to be so regular a thing among women formerly as it is now, has to do with it.

Mary (Frank) Lascelles has a little girl. Nora Balfour is to marry a Cambridge Moral Philosopher, Professor Sidgwick; a dau. of Ld. Claud Hamilton, Professor Tyndall!!!

[FN: Wife of Sir Frank Lascelles, many years Ambassador at Berlin. The "little girl" became the wife of Sir Cecil Spring Rice, Ambassador at Washington.]

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