Sunday, December 26, 2010

10Jul1875, The Last Lyttelton Half at Eton

LONDON, Saturday, July 10th, 1875.
—Six brothers and 8 sisters and their husbands, Mazy, Helen, and G. G., all at Lord's for the rest of King Alfred's innings—his last match against Harrow, and this the last Lyttelton half at Eton. This, and the immense blank left by darling May, always such an element during these cricket times, made the day sadly unlike itself. Most of us stayed all day. The match was of course drawn—in favour of Eton, but only slightly: Harrow had to follow their innings. Alfred's total was 59—one more than any of them have made against Harrow. Spencer once got 58. Mr. Balfour had Papa and all of us to dinner, as poor Portland Place is being dismantled for its new owners.

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