Saturday, January 01, 2011

23Aug1875, The Duke's Leg is Unwell

BOLTON ABBEY, August 23rd-29th, 1875.
—Shooting only moderate, but weather delightful, and all would be as it should be if the Duke's leg would only get well, but it is the slowest job. An old Professor Williamson, who, in spite of snow-white hair, has a young wife and a baby of 7 weeks old, dropt from the skies, and has been attending to the leg, which is a great blessing. Eddies went Tuesday. By dint of Cavendish offering to drive him, the Duke was at last induced to get into the Laycock phaeton with a dowdy slow pony, and go off on a toodle. It was so ridiculously unlike the manners of both Duke and Markiss as to be very funny; next day he let F. and me take him round by Storiths. Tues. evening, some Leeds infirmary nurses had their tea at the Rectory, and I took them afterwards into the garden all crowded with sweet flowers, and gave each 2 clove pinks and a bit of lavender. Wednesday evening, a school tea.

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