Saturday, January 01, 2011

01Nov1875, Grosvenor / Ormonde Engagement

CHATSWORTH, November 1st-7th, 1875.
—Drove one day with Lou to call at a very nice new house near Longstone (the Cravens) full of splendid Coxes and other water-colours; also some Rossettis, very clever and with wonderful colour, but rather hateful, I think, from self-consciousness and a sort of sensuousness; and I can't see why all his unfortunate damsels should be in such haggard and wasted ill-health...

Another marriage—lovely Lilah Grosvenor to Lord Ormonde a case of falling headlong in love on both sides. It sounds very nice and promising; but the poor D. of Westminster was away at the time, and complains much of his daughter of 19 getting engaged in a week's time to an Irishman behind his back! He ought, however, to be glad of her marrying happily, for she has been beset by lovers all the season; and poor young Stafford, her cousin over and over again, wanted to marry her, which would be a dreadful pity.

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