Sunday, November 21, 2010

21Sep1874, Driving With the Duchess and Edith Percy

INVERARAY, September 21st, 1874.
—Much rain. F., however, had an enchanting day's shooting: black game; the grouse are more destroyed here than in Yorkshire. I drove with the Duchess and Edith, and darling Lord Warkworth [FN: Afterwards Earl Percy and Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs.] who loves my catspaw seal being stamped on his little white arm. He is Percy-ish and not pretty, but has a dear smile: Josceline, a fat two-year-old, is the only beauty, being like his mother; the twin girls are like demure damsels in stiff long frocks out of a Vandyck picture, and there is a baby called Margaret with the D. of Argyll's red-gold hair. We drove in the woods amid magnificent trees, and ended along the loch to see the yacht appear, which brought home the Lornes and Ld. Percy. Princess Louise very pleasant and easy; seems comfortable with them all.

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