Sunday, November 21, 2010

05Sep1874, Lord Ripon Gone Over to Church of Rome

HOLKER, Saturday, September 5th, 1874.
—One horrid thing signalized my birthday: the news in the paper of Ld. Ripon of all people in the world having gone over to Rome. I knew months ago that it was brewing: in March. How any sensible, straightforward, middle-aged Englishman can bring himself to believe the Infallibility of the Pope and the Immaculate Conception, as he believes the Apostles' Creed! or can in conscience accept these doctrines without believing them, beats me. Even if (which God forbid) I saw no alternative between this and infidelity, I had far rather "wait in the darkness" patiently, and be as illogical as possible, than so force my conscience.

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