Sunday, November 21, 2010

09Oct1874, Walked With Florence

DUNROBIN, Friday, October 9th, 1874.
—Yesterday at noon- the beauty of things was intense. It was radiant, cloudless S. Luke's summer weather, and I went down to the sea—blue, blue sea, with the glowing woods sloping down to it, and the kingly white pinnacles of the castle towering up into the heavenly sky. Muggy to-day. Lawn-tennis. I walked with Florence, [FN: Lady Florence Leveson-Gower. She married Henry Chaplin afterwards 1st Viscount Chaplin.] whom I greatly like. She is very pretty, without real beauty; very high-bred and with a delightful figure: coming in from tennis in a big Rubens hat, she looked enchanting.

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