Sunday, November 21, 2010

19Sep1874, Touring Scotland, Visting the Argylls

GLASGOW, Saturday, September 19th, 1874.
—Did Glasgow; viz., the quay, where F. had to acknowledge Barrow immensely outdone, tho' Barrow has some better appliances; some shopping, and the noble cathedral, whose Presbyterian arrangements nearly gave me a fit: the crowning object being of course the pulpit. As soon as we were clear of the town, about 11, rain set in, and lasted without intermission all up Lake Lomond, all thro' our 24 miles' posting by Glencroe and Loch Long, and so up to the castle door of Inveraray. We made the most we could of the bases of the mountains, and the innumerable torrents, and were much refreshed by a nap in the midst of the grandest part of the posting! In the blur of the mist and rain we both took a cluster of tree-tops above the town of Inveraray for the castle!! and as the effect of lofty, hoary towers and pinnacles quite out-Hardwicked Hardwick, we wondered at what we had heard of the ugliness thereof. But the real article, seen in the gloomy twilight, looked dismal enough: rather like Milbank Penitentiary. Warm and kind and comfortable within, however: Duke and Duchess, Edith Percy and her 5 children, Colin, a very beautiful youth, Libbie, Victoria, Evelyn, Mary, and lovely little Constance. [FN: are children of the Duke of Argyll, not of his daughter Lady Percy.]

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