Sunday, November 21, 2010

06Aug1874, Floods of Butter Over Dizzy

HOLKER, Thursday, August 6th, 1874.
—We stuck up lawn-tennis just outside the garden-gate, on a bit of grass Eddy had been cutting and rolling....
The H. of Lords has kicked out the "appeal" to the Archbishops, and the Commons have had the sense to submit, and so the Bill [FN: The Public Worship Regulation Bill.] is passed, decidedly improved. It is a triumph for Uncle W. to have gained this point about the Archbishop appeal, in spite of his small and disorganized party. But indeed parties have been mixed up in an odd confusion upon the question. At the 3rd reading, Sir W. Harcourt was so insufferably insolent to his late chief, that he, at last, after long patience on the part of Uncle W., caught it uncommonly hot from him! and the House seems to have been delighted thereat. To make his speech still nicer, Sir W. poured floods of butter over Dizzy, while Dizzy, on his part, made savage tho' sly cuts at Lord Salisbury; so it was a surprising and peculiar scene altogether.

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