Wednesday, October 06, 2010

28Jun1873, Meeting Young Nicholas II

LONDON, Saturday, June 28th, 1873.
—Smart garden party for the Shah at Chiswick; the Queen came and looked very cheerful with a little white about her. The Czarevitch and Cesarevna [FN: Afterwards Alexander III; the Cesarevna, afterwards Empress, was the sister of the Princess of Wales.] are here; he is an ugly, fair, big dog of a man; she dark and pretty and with our Princess's manner; but not high-bred looking. I had the honour of shaking hands with their two little Grand Dukes Nicholas [FN: Afterwards the ill-fated Nicholas II.] and George; fine children, but plain. The little Wales girls dainty and pretty, and two bouncing handsome Teck boys. The public in rainbow hues, "only more so." The sister Princesses dress alike and seem immensely happy together.

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