Saturday, October 09, 2010

05Aug1873, Thickening of Ministerial Plot

LONDON, Tuesday, August 5th, 1873.
—Thickening of Ministerial plot. Thank goodness F. was able de refuser l'offre d'être "fouet" en place de G. G. G. [FM: George Grenfell Glyn, the then Whip ; afterwards 2nd Baron Wolverton.], chose qui lui serait insupportable et pour moi un supplice. Uncle W. le lui offrit d'une fawn tres aimable et ne voulut point insister, surtout en comprenant que le duc s'y opposait fort. Je ne crois pas que F. s'en tirerait bien : it n'est pas assez rapide et il est trop scrupuleux-peut-être aussi trop enthousiaste.... The interesting event took place of Mr. Bright and Uncle W. dining with us (a dead secret!) ; said Mr. B. having consented to take office. He was very pleasant and downright ; during a few minutes that I had him alone said he would never have done it for anyone but Uncle W.; spoke of him in the warmest way; said of himself that he felt quite well now, but was apt to flag, and get discouraged over work. I happened to say during dinner that I had no Scotch blood. "Nor have I," said he; "I wish I had; then perhaps I should have been a less lazy man." They talked composedly of the price of cotton, the Shortening of Hours Bill for women (of which Mr. B. disapproves), and such subjects, most of dinner time.

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