Wednesday, October 06, 2010

08Jun1873, How I Have Enjoyed Myself

HATFIELD, Sunday, June 8th, 1873.
—Annivy. of my 1st Communion. Early Celebration here at 8. Resisted a temptation to go with the Bishop and see his Ordination at St. Alban's Abbey and was rewarded by the fine hearty service in the parish church. Evensong in the beautiful private chapel of the house—very delightful—"rivers of water."

Pleasant to sit in the vineyard in fine warm weather: the children tumbling up and down the grassy slope.

Before dinner the dear Bishop read to his wife and daughter and me the "Xtian Year" for the day and for the 2nd Sun. aft. Trin, recalling a long-past happy visit to Summerhill, where he read the same hymns to M. and me. Also some good and very devout verses on the H. Communion by Uncle W. written in 1838, which I showed him.

Then a little walk with Ly. Salisbury and a sister and F., among the abundant rhododendrons and pines, and a pleasant evening ; folks telling each other what their earliest recollections were. No one cd cap the Duke's, which I told of—viz., the Battle of Leipzig ; imprinted on his infant ears by hearing it spoken of thus, "Boney has been well licked," and taking the verb literally.

Mr. Richmond had painted Mr. Tom Grenville, who knew Sir Joshua Reynolds well.
How I have enjoyed myself!

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