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21Jul1873, Bp. of Winchester Dies From Fall

FALCONHURST, Monday, July 21st, 1873.
—A letter from Atie P. at Holmbury came to me this morning with the appalling news of the death of the Bp. of Winchester. He travelled with Ld. Granville to Leatherhead, where they were met by horses that they might ride the rest of the way to Holmbury. The Bishop immensely pleased with the beautiful weather and scenery and with the horse Ld. G. mounted him on. They were cantering down a grassy slope not far from Abinger Hall, when the Bishop's horse stumbled at a grip, and came down on his knees (or all but). The Bishop was thrown over its head and, falling heavily on his head and turning right over, dislocated his neck and was killed on the spot. It is certain he cd have had no moment's pain or even consciousness of danger, but went in one instant from his enjoyment of earth to the Presence of God. It is an unutterable loss.
We came home. Went E. with poor Atie. P., who is dreadfully taken out of: they were at Holmbury to meet the Bishop, and were just expecting his arrival when the groom brought word of a "bad accident," but they all tried to hope the best, until poor Ld. Granville arrived at 10, looking ghastly, with the fatal news. About a week ago we rode with the Bp. in Rotten Row ; he was in all his usual health and vigour and high spirits, and, when we got upon Church matters, said much that was interesting and that I shan't forget.

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