Saturday, October 09, 2010

18Jul1873, Scott-Siddons and Mrs. Siddons

LONDON, Friday, July 18th, 1873.
—Had a delightful Scott-Siddons reading for a charity at Grosvenor H.; made her acquaintance aftds at tea with Constance : we reminded her of Granny's interview with her after a reading abt the year '67, when Granny told her of her likeness to her great-grandmother Mrs. Siddons. She remembered it well, and was so delighted to be told who Granny was; said it chanced to be the 1st time she had been told of the likeness. We made her pose under the famous Sir Joshua of the Tragic Muse, and the likeness was most striking, only this little person is very dark. She is exceedingly handsome—almost beautiful.

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