Thursday, February 18, 2010

24Jul1870, Mr. Forster Excellent Company

FOX WARREN, [FN: The house of Mr. Charles Buxton, father of Earl Buxton.] July 24th, 1870.—
We find here the Forsters, the Russell Gurneys, and Baron Macai (goodness knows how he spells his name !) : very pleasant little party. Four white little daughters of the house ; 1 called Richenda. We drove to Hatchford Church in the morning ; walked there in the evening. Mr. Forster, rugged odd bear as he is, is excellent company and one likes and respects him. He was deciding to shirk Church along with Mr. Bruce ; but Mrs. F. [FN: Mrs. Forster was daughter of Thomas, and sister of Matthew Arnold.] came it over him !

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