Friday, February 19, 2010

03Sep1870, The Last of Napoleonism Forever

BOLTON, September 3rd, 1870.
—A telegram was sent to Cavendish, which was taken up to Thorpe Fell, with the astounding news that the Emperor has capitulated with all that is left of MacMahon's army, viz. 80,000 men ; giving himself up to the King of Prussia. So falls the Empire, and surely with it the last of Napoleonism for ever. The skirmish at Saarbrück which began the war was on August 3rd ; the capitulation on September 1st. On this same day old Count de Flahault died, having thus just seen the rise and fall of both Napoleons. Poor Bazaine has been making furious and repeated attempts to break away northwards and join MacMahon, but has invariably been driven back upon Metz, which is surrounded. In one night repulse the Germans fell upon him with the bayonet and the butt-end of their rifles. Strasburg is being battered to pieces ; the inhabitants taking refuge in cellars and sewers. Paris as yet has been told nothing of this final catastrophe.

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