Friday, February 19, 2010

23Aug1870, The Tiny Boys and the Gentlemen

BOLTON, August 23rd, 1870.
—The tiny boys assist at the departure of the gentlemen every morning with triumphant shouts and hat-wavings. William screams, "Good-bye, Gappa — Good-bye, Bobo" (Grandpapa and Bogle—for that name sticks to Lord Shannon). As soon as the ponies come round, both little fellows go and look up everybody, saying "Gee-gees 'eady," and William is to be seen taking Charles round the leg to hurry him (sanguine !). One wonders if the Duke will ever inspire the awe into these creatures that he does into other folk ! at present they make no bones of poking him up in the midst of letters, grouse-book, etc., and ordering him about generally. Pleasant Brass Castle day, with one drive to see : I went with Charles and saw him kill 20 birds out of 22 shots : never firing his 2nd barrel once at the same bird.

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