Thursday, February 18, 2010

12Jul1870, Discussing Papal Infallibility

LONDON, July 12th, 1870.
—We dined at Mr. Leveson's, meeting Ld. Castlerosse, Ly. Airlie and a daughter just out, Ly. Alwyne and Lord William Compton, etc. Lord Castlerosse, an old-fashioned, Liberal R. Catholic, talked to me about the Infallibility dogma in a most astonishing way. He, in common with most of his sort, dislikes the definition, and thinks it different to what has hitherto been held ; but he says that it will be defined, and that all the gallant minority, who have hitherto been so fearlessly opposing, will of course submit ! The question whether the thing is true or not does not appear to be the point at all !

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