Friday, February 19, 2010

06Sep1870, A Cheese Factory

LONGFORD, [FN: The house of the Hon. Edward Coke, who married the Hon. Diana Agar Ellis, daughter of Lord Dover and first cousin of Lord Frederick Cavendish.] September 6th, 1870.—
Di took me about her delightsome, lovely garden ; and we went to the cheese factory, which Mr. Coke is much agog about. It is the first opened in England on the American plan, and they have an American manager, Schemmerhorn. The people send their milk, and are paid at once for it by weight, getting some cheese advantage besides. A great batch of cheese is made with only 4 hands employed, in 2 nights instead of weeks ; and the whole thing is beautifully clean and complete. Di is grieved because they will colour the cheese.

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