Saturday, December 26, 2009

29May1868, Charles Reelected

HAGLEY, May 29th, 1868.
—We left London at 10 ; F. got out at Birmingham to go to Charles's comm. room, I went on to dear old home. Blue placards and "Lyttelton for ever" stuck about ; and a polling-booth at the signpost. Servants in huge excitement. The place too lovely, in its "green and stately repose." How I enjoyed it all the lovely afternoon. About 4 turned up Uncle Stephen, who had been voting all straight at Droitwich. We walked up Milton's hill together, and I had some delightful moments full length on the grass, resting as if elections, London, hurry and worry were dreams. Willy and Mr. Heathcote came at 5, with cheery accounts, and Uncle Spencer came at 8, announcing VICTORY. Charles and F. followed shortly in a waggonette, pursued by 2 costermongers' carts at full speed, and a rout of dirty little boys, ooray, singing, tin kettles, and all the rest of it. Majority 279 ; very good, after what we had reason to expect.

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