Saturday, December 26, 2009

18May1868, Antidisestablishmentarianism

TEMPLENEWSAM, May 18th, 1868.
Charles's election is evidently getting serious : it is beyond unlucky Lord Calthorp dying just now, with the tremendous question of the Irish Establishment dividing parties into 2 great armies as of old. Otherwise there is little doubt he would have been returned by Conservatives and Liberals alike... .

We left London about 2 and came thro' vile dust to this fine house, sadly spoilt by Leeds smoke, for the opening of the Leeds exhibition. The Prince of Wales came by the same train, and was well received wherever we stopped. Big dinner ; then lovely little concert conducted by Hallé ; then a ball in the long picture-gallery. Old Nevy turned up, on duty with part of his battn., a great break. Lord Dudley danced with me, and I tried to coax him round about Charles, but he is in horror about Disestablishment, and I fear can only be expected not to oppose actively. The clergy are against it as one man nearly, and will take up the perilous, suicidal ground of making the English and Irish Establishments stand or fall together.

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