Saturday, December 26, 2009

13May1868, The Queen Outshines the Princess

LONDON, May 13th, 1868.
—I had a busy day ; went at 10 with M. to see the Queen lay the 1st stone of S. Thomas' Hospital on the S. bank of the river, which she did with great state, driving slowly in an open carriage and four with escort, outriders and postilions, and ½ a doz. other carriages, all thro' Westminster and Lambeth which had turned out bodily to see her. They say she had some fear of being shot at by a Fenian, but drove all the slower ! She went thro' the ceremony with all her old grace and wonderful dignity, ending with several deep curtseys to the audience ; a sight to see The reception was very good ; and really our little Queen in her deep black was not outshone even by the lovely, radiant Princess of Wales.

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