Saturday, December 26, 2009

11Jun1868, Service at St. Barnabas

LONDON, Thursday, June 11th, 1868. S. Barnabas.
Girls, Agnes, and I went to All Saints' at 11. They make no pause after the Church Militant prayer, as they wish non-communicants to remain in the Church ; this may be an innocent custom, (but ? as there is no hint in the Bible of the H. Communion being ever otherwise than a Feast to all attending it), but as its danger must be great, unavoidable, of leading people to believe in some sort of Sacramental good to be obtained by merely being present, it does seem to me very objectionable. We did not intend to communicate, so slipped out after the Nicene Creed, feeling very guilty. But it was interesting to see the vestments for the first time, the 3 officiating clergy all wearing them. I hardly thought I should like them, but I do, personally. Certainly I find I learn gradually to like much of the "advanced" ritual which I formerly should have been impatient at. It all depends on whether one sees, enters into, and approves of, the symbolism.

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