Saturday, December 26, 2009

12Jun1868, Fred to the Yeomanry

LONDON, June 12th, 1868.
—My horrid week of all the year began : my Fred going to Lancaster for the Yeomanry : a playing at soldiers which I cannot away with ! Went with him to D. House early, and rode with him at 12½. Very lonely and unked [FN: I cannot find "unked" in the Glynnese Glossary. Lady Frederick appears to use it almost in the sense of " uncanny."] without him. . . .

Dined at D. House, meeting Howards, Charles, and Lord Georges. Lou and Frank out. The unlucky little Eddy [FN: The present Duke of Devonshire.] is doomed to be called Victor Christian William : Duke says he would like Abraham better than Victor.

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