Monday, December 22, 2008

26Jun1863, The Guards' Ball

LONDON, Friday, June 26th, 1863.
—At 11 we went to the great thing of the season : the Guards' ball, in what was the English picture-gallery of the Exhibition, given to the Prince and Princess. It was all on a royal scale ; and I shan't soon forget the beautiful effect, when T.R.H.'s went away, of the procession streaming through the antechambers and down the flag-emblazoned staircase lined with picked Guardsmen ; "God save the Queen" going on the while. The Princess looked lovely and as if she enjoyed herself, but pale. I didn't dance "nor didn't expect to" The Royal quadrille was often a lovely sight, being composed of many beauties : Charlotte Spencer, Ly. Adelaide Talbot, Ly. Mary Craven, the Dss. of Manchester, Princess Mary, etc. Lord Dunmore dancing with the Prss. was a sight to see of good looks and perfect manners.

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