Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12Jul1863, Last London Sunday

LONDON, 6th Sunday after Trinity, July 12th, 1863.
—Very hot. I have at last reached, I really believe, my last London Sunday. Went with Papa and Charles to the John St. Chapel to hear Mr. Brookfield, who preacht. with great fervour, point, and severity on Pharisaism. Saw there old, old Lady De Dunstanville, who still enjoys London gaieties, tho' looking as if a pinch wd crumble her. Also the Mildmays and Montgomeries were there. It refreshes one to see people whom one only connects with diamonds and wreaths—in church. Aftn to hear Dr. Goulburn preach very well on behalf of the Whetstone Penitentiary. Charles went back to Cambridge after dinner. The match was drawn. Harrow not going in at all for 2nd innings : wd have had 200 to get, so we shd probably have won. Spencer got 10 runs 2nd innings, and he and Nevy got 6 wickets between them.
I read a short sermon, and began Goulburn's "Study of the Holy Scriptures."

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