Tuesday, December 23, 2008

05Sep1863, Hereford Cathedral

HAGLEY, Saturday, September 5th, 1863.
—The eleven of us, with Papa, Newmany, and Miss Merlet, had a most jovial and successful monster expedition to Hereford ; and so I have, to my great delight, added that noble Cathedral, in all the glory of its matchlessly excellent restoration, to my list. Tho' small, the richness and variety of its Norman work, its perfect specimens of E. English, in which were specially beautiful deep mouldings, and many details, as the early Decorated 2-light windows 50 feet high, the lovely tiling, and the splendid screen, make it rank very high in beauty. Alfred much struck with his first Cathedral service : said he liked the Cathedral better even than the dinner, or the uproarious fun in the train.

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