Tuesday, December 23, 2008

08Sep1863, Summoned to Windsor

HAGLEY, Tuesday, September 8th, 1863.
—A notable and most upsetting, exciting, and bewildering day. There came a letter from Ly. Ely (which lost a post by going to London), summoning me to Windsor on the 10th to be in waiting till the 14th. Having been told Xmas was the earliest date possible, this interesting communication finds me without "a thing to my back !" I tore off to Stourbridge with Gielen and At. C. and bought silk, etc., for two black gowns ; must trust to London when I go up for bonnet, flowers, and so on. The wretched Gielen must go blind and mad with work, in spite of many helpers, but ! "la Royne le veult." An unpleasant state of bathing-feel I am in ; still, when the terrific 4 days are over (they never will be, I think !), without any hitch or blunder, I shall be glad to have made the 1st plunge.

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