Monday, December 22, 2008

07Jul1863, A Dance with Fred Cavendish

LONDON, Tuesday, July 7th, 1863.
—We went to a breakfast given by the Dow. Dss. of Sutherland at Chiswick, meeting the Prince and Princess. She is in mourning for some Danish relation, and wore a hat which didn't quite suit her as it hid her lovely brow. We had a country dance on the grass : she went down it with dignity with the Duke of Sutherland. We were immense audience to the darling little Grosvenor children. The eldest Sutherland boy, little Ld. Stafford, isn't pretty and lookd delicate, but his brother (who is called Ld. Macleod, I believe : his mother's 2nd title) is a beauty. Mary and Helen came with us. I played one game of croquet ½ through. In the evening an exceedingly beautiful ball at Stafford House. I was asked to dance by Lords Amberley, Fred. Cavendish, George Lennox, Mr. Lascelles and an innominato with whom I executed what pretended to be a Scotch reel ! We walked home, Atie P. with Willy, Agnes, Ld. Adare, and I, like a convict, marched in the middle, thus guarded. The night was lovely ; and before getting into bed, about 4, I counted 20 towers and spires in the serene, opal-like morning atmosphere.

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