Friday, December 19, 2008

19Jun1863, A Maid-of-Honour !!!!!!!

LONDON, Friday, June 19th, 1863.
—I went to luncheon in St. St., and there was told a wonderful bit of news. Ly. Augusta Bruce has written to Granny to ask whether, on a vacancy occurring, and the Queen being graciously pleased to offer it, there wd be any objection to my accepting the post of Maid-of-Honour ! ! ! ! ! ! ! And after some consultation, an answer was sent, signifying my grateful willingness. The very anticipation is so overpowering that I have had a headache all the aftn and I certainly dread the prospect, viewing my perpetual blunders, and the probable cuts into Hagley holidays and Papa. But ! £400 a year ! I shall be more than off his hands, and there is much that " I look the look over " (a case of dropping asleep ! "look forward to" I meant).

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