Friday, December 19, 2008

02May1863, The Prince of Wales Bows

LONDON, Saturday, May 2nd, 1863.
—Rode with Agnes. As we cantered up Constitution Hill, we saw a young man riding in front of us, who proved to be the Prince of Wales ; only one gentleman with him, and a groom. And near the Marble Arch, a little phaeton with pair of ponies driven by a very pretty young lady, passed us : somebody in deep mourning was with her. The carriage looked like a Royal one ; and we have nearly made up our minds that the young lady was the Princess ; the only objection being that she was not very like her ! Coming back, the Prince of Wales passed us, and made us a beautiful bow. We saw him within the gates of Marlborough House, where they are just established.
Ly. Pam's [FN: Lady Palmerston.] party very full : I saw Lord Robt. Cecil,[FN: Afterwards Lord Salisbury, the Prime Minister.] who is supposed to have written a keen, clever, and cutting article abt this governt. in the Quarterly some time ago ; "Four Years of a Reforming Administration."

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