Friday, December 19, 2008

15Jun1863, Meeting Howard and Jowett

OXFORD, Monday, June 15th, 1863.
—We came away last of all, and arrived here (at Dr. Stanley's) about 5, on a notable visit, viz. to celebrate Commemoration and the Prince and Princess of Wales' coming—he to receive a D.C.L. degree. These kind people have packed unheard-of numbers into their ingenious little house : the Stanleys of Alderley (minus parents), the Dufferins, and others besides are here. Ly. Dufferin has a gentle, winning countenance and manner, but is not pretty. A large dinner-party, cleverly divided between hall and dining-room. I sat between Ld. Dufferin, who was extremely agreeable, and Mr. Howard, [FN: No doubt George Howard, afterwards 9th Ear of Carlisle, a great lover of art.] who can talk to any degree about drawing ! In the evening amongst others came the too-famous Mr. Jowett, whose mild intellectual face wd not lead one to suspect him to be one of the tamperers with the Faith, as, however, he must be called.

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