Friday, December 19, 2008

10May1863, Four Sermons

LONDON, 5th Sunday after Easter, May 10th, 1863.
—Same weather ; finer than yesterday. Whereas in London I generally hear but one sermon in church, to-day I have heard three. Papa came as usual, and we all went to Whitehall, where Canon Stanley preached beautifully on the Triumphs of Death. S. James in the aft : the Bishop of London preached on the use of the historic books of the Bible. Thence I went to St. St., where Mrs. Talbot called to see me, and I went at 7 with her and Ldy Wharncliffe and daughter (the latter really recovered) to a delightful, hearty, congregational Service at S. Peter's, Windmill St., where they have just set up a new organ. Good sermon by Mr. Kempe on Church music. Papa dropped me at home, and so it fell out that I came in for prayers here, and a fourth sermon, a short striking one, Uncle W.'s own, on the Ascension.

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