Friday, December 19, 2008

18Jun1863, Shaking Hands with the Princess

LONDON, Thursday, June 18th, 1863.
—Lovely hot day. The Prince and Princess came to Dr. Stanley's garden, to see the tent which the latter slept in in the East, and we, the select few on the lawn, of course looked at both to our heart's content. And Atie. P. had the presence of mind to present me to the Princess ! who shook hands with me. My curtseys were beautiful, but 0 dear ! I couldn't make out what she said to me, with her low peculiar utterance and foreign accent. Luckily Agnes interpreted for me. Afterwards we went to see Magdalen, etc., and then saw T.R.H.'s go away, and the town, as one may say, visibly collapse after all the excitement.

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