Thursday, March 30, 2006

24Oct1858, Aboard the Royal Albert

ANTONY, October 24th, 1858.
—A very pleasant last day. We went for morning service on board C. Rice's ship, the Royal Albert, which we went all over. The service was most striking : the middle deck covered with sailors : 1,000 of them, all very quiet and attentive, the sermon excellent. All the passages in the Liturgy about the sea coming in with such meaning, and the beautiful Navy prayer. I was positively awestruck at the enormous size, depth, and complication of the ship ; with the mighty mysterious machinery, the swarms of sailors, the beautiful incomprehensible rigging, etc., etc. It has the heaviest broadside of any ship in commission. And all as clean as a pink. C. Rice, with other officers, pioneered us about, and we did it as thoroughly as possible in so short a time. We had luncheon on board, and then home, and to afternoon church at the School. A very nice evening of talk, music, and singing.

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