Thursday, March 30, 2006

01Dec1858, A Problem Visit

HEWELL, December 1st, 1858.
—Two young ladies Bridgeman have been frightfully burnt, through some carelessness. One, Lady Charlotte, died on Saturday. They are daughter-in-law's sisters to Lady Windsor, and very intimate. Hence we concluded that our invitation to Hewell would have been blown up. That not being the case, however, we drove here in the evening, doubting and wondering, 1st whether a letter had been written and miscarried, 2ndly whether we had been altogether forgotten, 3rdly whether we should find the whole party gone to the funeral, or going tomorrow, 4thly whether we were unaccountably reckoned such old shoes that they didn't mind our sitting, dullissimus, benumbing, with them, 5thly if they had taken it for granted we should not come. In all which surmises we were mistaken. We found the Lady Baroness and two daughters in quiet but placid spirits, and happy coloured gowns, quite ready to entertain us, which, with the help of the Revd. Mr. Dickens of Tardybigg, they successfully did till 11 1/4 at night when we went to bed.

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