Thursday, March 30, 2006

09Oct1858, Amazing Fun

ESCRICK, October 8th, 1858, or rather the 9th, for it must be past two.
—We have all sat up to this unconscionable hour at Lord Boyle's earnest request to Cousin Ebbett, put in irresistible Irish, under the promise of something amusing at the end of the evening. So we had playing, the Miss Grahams' glorious singing, three comic songs, a round game, from whence I was 10s. richer, and finally a jig by Lord Boyle, in a coat with one tail, tucked-up trousers, and all etcs., to make him a perfect tipsy Irish post-boy. He kept us dying with his brogue for some time : amazing fun, but perfectly gentlemanlike all the time, and looking too absurd. I rode with Bingy, Papa and Edward. We saw some of the shooting. Bingy paid me a most elegant compliment. He asked me if I liked his mother. I said : " Do you think anyone can know her without liking her ? " Says he : " No ; and can anyone know you without liking you ? " He is a pleasant, bright boy, and the pink of courtesy. Papa has sold the Rubens for £500.

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