Thursday, March 30, 2006

04Oct1858, A Drive and a Comet

ESCRICK, October 4th, 1858.
—We had a 60 miles drive ; to Riveaulx Abbey, four-in-hand, changing horses twice, in the drag. So very delightful : Cousin Ebbett [FN: Lady Wenlock] and I on the outside : the aged Meriel within. There came also Papa and C. Dicker, who drove turn about ; Lord Boyle and Edward Neville. I never saw finer country or such perfect and beautiful Early English ruins. We set off at 9 and were home at 8, I remained outside the whole time. Pouring rain nearly all the morning ; but a beautiful afternoon and night. I saw the heavy bank of clouds that had overhung the sky all day roll off into nothing at nightfall before the stars as they shone out one by one, and the marvellous comet with its sweep of pale light, curving high upwards, like a great white plume, all one line of beauty.

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