Thursday, March 30, 2006

20Oct1858, Most Delightful Day

ANTONY, October 20th, 1858.
—The most delightful day of all. We went in a boat across the Sound to the Breakwater, towed by a gunboat most of the way, and going 7 or 8 miles an hour. We went along the breakwater to the lighthouse, in spite of the sea breaking slightly over it. We climbed up the lighthouse, and going back had a sort of race with the waves, which as the tide was rising deluged the breakwater every moment. M. with her accustomed sang-froid, wouldn't go above a foot's pace, and got drenched up to the knees ; all of us were wet ; it was great fun. Then another delightful row, with the sails up, and all over the dockyard, where I first learnt to appreciate the enormous size of the ships, by their masts and yards. Also saw a penny reduced to pure copper ore by the blow-pipe, and soldering by the same. A delightful row, and pleasant walk home with the elder C. Rice.

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