Saturday, November 06, 2010

28Jan1874, The Irreconcileables and Sir Salt

BRADFORD, Wednesday, January 28th, 1874.
F. came home late, and a good deal harassed. He has no wish to attempt to conciliate the Irreconcileables; but the best class of dissenters who are supporting him and earnest against splitting up the party, have sat upon him to make some concession, and he has written to Sir Titus Salt (a typical man of the sort) to re-state his determination against excluding religion from Board Schools, and his opinion that taking away the liberty of parents in the choice of schools will greatly hinder compulsion, but promising eventually, rather than ruin the whole cause by Liberal strife, to vote for the repeal of the clause, should the bitter feeling continue. I can hardly think him right; but I daresay I am no judge of the duty of concession in the matter.

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